Apr 26 2019

Workers Spotlight: Anton Andersson and Gustav Öman

Anton Andersson and Gustav Öman work at TBC entreprenad. The company is owned by Anton and his partner and is situated in Alingsås, Sweden. They offer different types of constructions services, land and gardening work and janitorial services. They are serving customers such as, industrial enterprises, municipalities and associations in the western part of Sweden.

Apr 11 2019

Now hiring: Product Manager

Do you want to be a part of creating the future of workwear? Do you want to develop yourself as a person in a central role where you will be given a big responsibility? Do you have a passion of product development and innovation?

Mar 8 2019


The carpenter Tobias Ljunghager is nowadays focusing on his OneMore Family, an event company that he runs together with his partners. They started off a couple of years ago and are today serving customers such as Oakley, Red Bull, Cloetta etc. with everything within the event area. From producing material, constructing exhibitions and all logistics surrounding this.

Jan 31 2019

The WorkMove Movie

WorkMove - Workwear made to move. Get the job done and make every working-day more comfortable using WorkMove stretch trousers. Choose your profession and stretch level to get the perfect trousers for your work. Feel the difference - Use WorkMove.

Jan 25 2019

The New Workbook

L.Brador’s new Workbook for spring/summer 2019 has arrived! Read about new products and essential products needed for spring.

Dec 3 2018

Construction for the right to function differently

L.Brador and the students at Tingsholmsgymnasiet is supporting Musikhjälpen 2018 by constructing a play house for kids.

Oct 16 2018

Saving tips for Hi-Vis Clothing

Good Hi-Vis clothing can save lives by offering high visibility both day and night. But choosing the right work clothes is also an investment that pays off – in several aspects.

Oct 16 2018

3M reflective material – the best on the market

“If you can't be seen, then you're not there,” they say. We wouldn’t go that far but, on the hand, we know the following to be true: “You can only be seen if you make yourself visible”. It’s as simple as that. No matter what industry you work in or what your working day is like, you are safer when others can see you more easily. This is why we choose reflective details from 3M.

Oct 16 2018

3 common mistakes when buying Hi-Vis clothes

Are you looking for comfortable work-wear with high visibility? Make sure you choose the right items for this dark season. Here is a list of three common mistakes when buying Hi-Vis clothes.