Swedes have a special relationship to rain. The wet season typically starts in August and ends in July. A situation that demands solid know-how of water-resistant workwear. So now we are introducing WorkDry™ – a new collection of jackets and trousers for wet days at work. Find the right rainwear for your workday below.

Find the right rainwear for your needs

The collection WorkDry™ is divided into three different categories and ranges from simple, functional rainwear to premium clothing in PVC with many smart features. While you cannot avoid the rain, you no longer need to schedule your work around it.

Rainwear of the very highest quality. Highest durability and comfort with carefully designed details to keep you dry the whole day through.


High-quality rainwear. Carefully designed to keep you dry throughout the working day. High durability and good comfort.


Great value rainwear in simpler design than Max and Medium. Rainwear in the Light category offers good protection against rain throughout the working day.